It would seem that Sara was born to perform.  In a family that includes jazz and classical pianists, violinists and vocalists, actors, directors, and dancers, the creative juices surge through her veins.

Although Sara’s first show was Seussical where she played a “little who”, it was her second show, a revue called Once Upon A Broadway, that first gave the world a glimpse of her stage presence.  As the central character — herself — in a calvacade of broadway fairy tale numbers, she was the focal point around which the show revolved.  Broadway also gave Sara the opportunity to perform with her equally talented cousin, Cassandra Grilley; the two performed a duet of Happily Ever After from Once Upon A Mattress.

Sara has since been in multiple shows with the SFArtsEd Players as well as performing in her school’s talent show every year beginning before she even entered kindergarten.

Sara has studied dance — tap, jazz, and ballet –since 2008 and has been a part of the studio’s annual performance each year.

She has been studying piano since 2011 and flute since 2013.

She loves to travel and to go camping with her family.  She is an accomplished swimmer.